Tuesday, July 09, 2013

scenes from a thrift store

designed for bouffant hairstyles. what a fabulous word. 



scene: an elderly woman puttering around the goodwill store. she has a shopping cart. the only thing in the cart is a panini maker in a box.  her very elderly husband joins her.

he: what's 'at?

she: a pantini maker.

he: pantini maker? what's it fer?

she: it mashes bread together and gits hot.

he: fer makin sandwiches?

she: yeah, pantinis.

he: how much it cost?

she: seven dollar.

he: aight then.


aunt jojo said...

Drezza would LOVE one of those rain hats for her bouffant - I'm not kidding. Funny story - many years ago, I got one from my mother-in-law in my Christmas bag (all the daughters-in-law did) and promptly passed it on to Drez who was thrilled to get it. Nothing liken a good "pantini", too. :=)

skippy haha said...

oh what a FUNctional christmas present, aunt jojo! i thought of Drez (of course!) when i saw this rain hat, but it looked too plain for her. i seem to remember her plastic bouffant hats to have piping or flowers on them. this was plain and cheap - soooo not like Drez :)

kelvin said...

"aight then." classic!

skippy haha said...

i think he was happily dreaming of the potential sandwiches!