Wednesday, May 01, 2013

happy happy!

keeping with tradition, yesterday was the most beautiful weather day of the year! 75 and sunny!

had a great walk with pouncey & kevin.

went downtown & had malaga paella and mojitos at chorizo. muy delicioso!

tiny boots

went to a friend's house and saw the cutest little miniboots. laughing laughing laughing with awesome people.
we all went to the civic center and saw bob dylan! behold the splendor!

bob dylan 

it was a great day!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaw! WONDERFUL !!!
So glad it was so great! Awesome!
Good for you!!!!!
Love, Susan et al :-) xoxo

kid D said...

It was gorgeous in Okieville yesterday. The temperature reached about 83. The current temperature is 45 and it's raining. Seriously, this is the weather I deal with. It will get down to 36 tonight and might snow. Snow!

skippy haha said...

Thank you, Susan et al :)

Kid D - snow in may. after 83. awful! hang in there!