Saturday, February 23, 2013

locker room at star lanes bowling alley

i bowled for kids sake at 9AM in a lane sponsored by the best asheville bankruptcy lawyer and our good friend and her sweet 'big brothers big sisters' little sister. i am terribly inconsistent at bowling. trying my hardest i can bowl 42, or i can get a string of 5 spares. they were blasting 80's music and we had fun!


One Girl said...

awesome photo

kid D said...

i'm a horrible bowler but always have fun. i typically score in the 90s. teylor rocks at wii bowling. she always seems to get a strike or a spare. her form is horrible and her swing like a charm for her!

skippy haha said...

thank you, one girl!

kid D - 90s is not bad. wait til teylor gets an 11 lb ball in her hand - wild swings no more! or dislocated shoulders hello!