Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy birthday kelvin

i wish he could revert to this age for a few minutes just so i could rumple his hair and squeeze his cheeks!

***** ALSO - please head over to his website: wnc debt law - he helps people having financial trouble in western north carolina (seems to be about everybody today) and blogs often about how to f your bank before your bank f's you.  

two things i would like to share: he was a superstar pitcher in his youth and struck out a-rod with 3 pitches one time in a florida high school championship game. yes that a-rod. 3 pitches!

i have also witnessed him speak to an owl. he made an owl noise and a great owl swooped in and landed on a branch 20 feet away.


kid D said...

Happy belated Kevin. Thanks for helping Skippy be so, so happy these days. tell sir. My, my!

Anonymous said...

skippy makes my heart skip! i'll hoot owls for her anyday. a-rod, well, that was my 'one shining moment' which is still killer to think about and hear about when she tells the story.

skippy haha said...

one shining moment my ass! he hit a game winning homerun in a different championship game and was carried around on peoples' shoulders. and these days you should see him hit a driver.