Monday, May 11, 2009

rib cookoff

rib cookoff, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

if you're ever invited to a rib cookoff, GO!


Anonymous said...

Rib Cook Off? What can be better than that? What was so special about B? Or did the pups get to that plate first?

kid D said...

i think we need to check holden for plate B's bones.

skippy haha said...

no rib bones for holden! he was NOT invited. there was a golden retriever there but amazingly he didn't break the door down and attack the table. must be one of those 'good dogs.' B won in a landslide. i don't know how - they were all great. the categories were: 1. appearance; 2. texture; 3. overall taste. you graded from 1-5 and added them up. B got 170 and next closest E got like 140. i voted C best and they came in 4th, just goes to show. they were all great.