Tuesday, April 28, 2009

made by different writers

different writers, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

my birthday is coming up, and i've gotten some very nice cards in the mail. i am pretty sure my mother thinks my birthday is today, since today was my due date.
i find it amazing that my aunt jojo and my mom have almost identical handwriting. they are both very neat and classically beautiful letter-formers. their other sister writes nothing like this, and neither do/did their parents.
is penmanship nature or nurture?


kid D said...

i once had an elementary ed major tell me that it's a motor skill you learn at a very early age. if you don't pick up the neatness quickly...you'll never have it.

i don't have it.

aunt jojo said...

Hi Skippy. I hope you had a GREAT birthday today. I have noticed over the years that our handwriting was quite similar, but it really shows up when you put the envelopes together. Since your mom and I are over 7 years apart, we didn't learn how to write within a year or two of each other. I think kid D has a good explanation so I guess we both picked up the neatness factor as youngsters.