Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tree around the wire

tree around the wire, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

another reason to bury power lines. a tree claimed its territory & was cut down.


kid D said...

i could go on for hours about burrying the lines. my parents recently lost some great trees when the city decided to do some trimming near the lines.

we won't even go into the whole ice storm, tornado, thunderstorm situation we have here in okie town.

Omnibus said...

There are pros and cons. It is an ongoing debate.

Cons: It would cost a lot more money to install (million dollars a mile one figure I read and it doesnt suprise me). maintanence would be more expensive, take longer, and result in longer outages(digging up existing roads every time the power went out etc.) This cost would be reflected on your power bill. Also, construction workers digging in the ground frequently accidently hit utilities. It would suck to hit a power line on accident. I have been in the ditches digging around utilities. It is scary stuff.

Pros: Asthetic reasons, less fires caused by downed lines, less frequent outages possibly?