Sunday, April 27, 2008

skippy appleseed

cute 9 year old chubster riding by on a bike: excuse me ma'am?

me unloading cardboard boxes in the driveway: yeeees?

boy: um, do you have like a dollar or two for me & my friend to get somethin to eat after we go to the park? that's where we're going now.

cute 9 year old not-so-chubster on a bike: i'm not with him!

me: i have an apple? you want a couple apples?

boy: naw, we was gonna go to dunkin donuts

me: apples are better for you than donuts

boy: they have biscuits...

me: apples are better for you than biscuits

boy: you dont have like a dollar or two?

me: nope. i'm sorry. all i have is apples. or a gatorade. want a gatorade?

boy: naw that's alright

me: okay come back if you
ever want apples


HCC Salad said...

Little did Chubster know that Skippy was well known in the community for spiking her apples with munchkins.

skippy haha said...

thats some next level fruit! apples with munchkin cores...i'm down