Sunday, April 20, 2008

green the country

from the recent vanity fair green issue article by Robert f. Kennedy, Jr. - "The Next President's First Task: Politics & Power"

The United States has far greater domestic energy resources than Iceland or Sweden does. We sit atop the second-largest geothermal resources in the world. The American Midwest is the Saudi Arabia of wind; indeed, North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas alone produce enough harnessable wind to meet all of the nation’s electricity demand. As for solar, according to a study in Scientific American, photovoltaic and solar-thermal installations across just 19 percent of the most barren desert land in the Southwest could supply nearly all of our nation’s electricity needs without any rooftop installation, even assuming every American owned a plug-in hybrid.

let's do this. free from oil asap.


Patches said...

Solar powered dune buggies are the key.

skippy haha said...

YES patches! seriously. and helmets.

Topper said...

That's the attitude that will help us fly above the rest. But bring goggles, it's getting harder and harder to see through all the foam.