Sunday, April 06, 2008

athens 4 5 08

athens4508, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

tea leaf green played at the 40 watt in athens last night, and brought the fuego start to finish. allie kral from cornmeal came out to fiddle on the "devil's pay" encore & it was one of the most rousing musical performances i've had the great fortune to witness. i hope if i'm lucid on my deathbed that memory comes back. total joseph campbell unity connection moment. josh clark and trevor garrod are just amazingly creative musicians, i can't praise this band and the people who keep them on the road enough, it's an all-star family of genuine sincere gritty hardworking prodigies.

now for crap news, my computer melted this morning when i turned it on, i actually smell burning rubber. 1 year old. ridiculous. computer repair's not open til tomorrow. i might get a mac. does everybody who has a mac love it? should i need a new computer every 6 months? i'd like to beat it with a golf club.


jason said...

sorry about the computer...

I made the switch to a mac last fall and haven't looked back. No issues. Love it. I'm about to buy an AppleCare plan (extended warranty... $169) for it just "in case."

They pricey which is a drag, but you can sometimes get good deals on refurbished macs on the apple website.

phil said...

Hey Skippy I've had a mac since 2003 and haven't looked back. They're absolutely rockin! Make sure to get an AppleCare plan!

Anonymous said...

me three skippy....I love my mac at work way more then my pc at home...but shhhh...don't let her hear that ! ; )
cheers, mappycamper

skippy haha said...

thank you all for the tips & advice, i hope i can get a mac soon.