Saturday, February 02, 2008


saw, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i saw 'into the wild' at the brew & view last night. he seemed foolishly unprepared to me, his trip almost a suicide mission. he also looked like offspring of taylor hanson (mmmbop) and wheels chipotle. here's a diagram. i should probably read the book before forming any more opinions about it. the soundtrack was excellent, eddie vedder everywhere.

this is a shot of a table saw at a fun construction site i visited today


Patches said...

Beer and power tools. My favorite part of this picture is the label on the box in the background.

skippy haha said...

despite the empty beers the work being done seemed highest quality

kid D said...

i read the book years ago and was mesmerized by alexander supertramp. after speaking with my well traveled, willderness friend evan i found out that alexander supertramp was just stupid.

skippy haha said...

"i found out that alexander supertramp was just stupid."

i didn't want to say all that, but it kinda seemed that way...brave of him to try, but it wouldve been braver if he'd known what he was doing.