Wednesday, February 13, 2008

late night remodeling

late night remodeling, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

buying a house is a huge deal. fixing it up completely by yourself is also a huge deal. i am highly impressed with the remodeling talents of my friends in asheville. they are able to do all the plumbing, electricity, and master carpenter wooodworking by themselves.
here brian paints his new kitchen ceiling with a long roller at 1am and admires the electricity that will be an under-the-cabinet light.


phil said...

Yes it reminds me of my buddy Adrian out in Maine. He could put up a house all by himself. If I had to put up a house, it would definitely not be up to code.

skippy haha said...

phil its something about these woodspeople. if i had to put up a house it would be a tent and there's no guarantee i'd get the poles up straight.