Wednesday, February 20, 2008

grim reality

if you go out to dinner with some folks and order two big pizzas but only eat one and want to bring the other one home with you, but want to go for a couple drinks before going home, and don't want the onion pizza to sit in the car for that time, and you put the pizza on top of the hood of your car in a parking lot off the main street, and you expect to go back to it and find a) your pizza and/or b) a party of disney cartoon animals (bluebird, deer, hedgehog, etc) on your hood feasting on the pizza, you will be sorely disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Skippy. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? What a shame people don't behave based on it. Your pizza would have still been on your car and Team Disney would have guarded it for you. Sadly, next time put it in your car.

skippy haha said...

or put it under my car?