Friday, August 24, 2007

washed wallet

one day a friend washed his wallet with his pants & this is what was drying out on his kitchen table


kid D said...

i hope he didn't use that condom. seems like it's integrity would have been compromised after going through the wash.

bjurk said...

two observations:

1) the condom shaped dent in the wallet, which appears more its leather coffin than a convenient storage location for chance encounters.

2) is that a yo-yo???!!! perhaps this may account for observation #1.

bjurk said...

after a quick google search, I may need to retract my previous assumption that a yo-yo would tend to frustrate one's romantic designs.

check this out!

appropriately, this is the page that comes up when you type "yo-yo getting laid" in the google search bar and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button.

Killerboots said...

I was just looking on my friend's band's website and noticed that they are playing in Asheville (not to seem crazy stalker lady or anything) but you should totally check them out. Check out their website and listen to some tunes first to see if they suit your fancy.

skippy haha said...

bjurk that yoyo dude is awesome! i'd totally do him. i do not think that is a yoyo of my friend's, however, i believe it's either a grinder or a stash tin, and i'm not sure whether that increases or decreases his chances of getting laid any more or less than a yoyo.

killer boots - thanks for the heads up, i would definitely go see trampled by turtles when they're in asheville but i'll be in spain for a wedding that weekend. i'll tell my friend with the grinder/yoyo to go check them out if he's around!

bjurk said...

unless one is a yo-yo prodigy-I feel pretty safe saying "increase"

have fun in spain