Wednesday, August 01, 2007

trevor garrod show tonight

update about trevor garrod show tonight - from the tea leaf green forum -

There will be a video webcast tonight of Trevor Garrod's solo show at the Knitting Factory in New York, NY. The show starts around 8:30 PM EDT with John Dyer opening.

The webcast can be viewed at using either Winamp (Windows-only) or VLC media player (cross-platform) on a high-speed Internet connection.

Enjoy the show!

so put up your antenna if you wanna tune on in!


sh30 said...

Hey skippy thanks for passing along the message! I have an hour or two to kill in a mammoth hotel room and listening to Trevor now is just the thing. Back to the show.

skippy haha said...

that is awesome sh30 - i'm glad i'm not there, i'm completely crying, he's so awesome - 'don't be down' was just so amazing, god.

sh30 said...

Setbreak. Yeah I'm really feeling the music through this webcast. I have to go enjoy the show Skippy!