Monday, August 20, 2007

super wedding!

this weekend in oregon was beautiful lovey fun! i just put my photos up here-
what a phenomenal part of the country and what an amazing group of friends and family gathered there.


sh30 said...

Skippy = best shawl at Hornings 2007.

skippy haha said...

haha, thanks! but did you happen to see the sparkling peacock shawls the bridesmaids had? those were raging. my mom got me mine for xmas a couple years ago - she either got it in costco or chinatown. i used it as a curtain on a glass swinging door in my old house in san diego -
door shade

and as a curtain in my old old house in encinitas - curtain

i got some of that peacock blue cake frosting on a corner of it at the reception, not sure if i should take it to a dry cleaner or try to get it out with something wet here. or just leave it as a battle scar.

skippy haha said...

i'm pretty sad i had the white balance preset to something & never reset it & all the pictures are bleu, but i learned my lesson for next time

sh30 said...

I didn't know you were busy battling the cake frosting that night. If the battle scar looks good then keep it. Is it still blue?

Yes those sparkling peacock shawls were sweet, but your shawl was much easier to spot from a distance away. Thanks for the photo history of the shawl!

Skippy you can actually use software to correct your white balance woes. I have a feature in my photo program where I can define "white" for the program, like looking at Stebbin's suit or Jackie's top. I've actually used people's teeth before, although it doesn't work with all teeth. But once you do you'll see a lot less blue. Here's to warmer colors!

skippy haha said...

that is interesting sh30, i'm sure that's the case with photoshop (is that what you use?) - i can't keep photoshop open too long or my laptop freeze/crashes so i'll have to wait til i have a fixed computer to test it out. thanks for the tip!