Friday, August 03, 2007

last known good configuration

computer crashing with repeated frozen blue screen, a computer whisperer thousands of miles away is doing his best to help clean my machine, i hope it'll make it, tough to be reliant on these things, everything changes all of a sudden


MOM said...

Doesn't sound good

skippy haha said...

not good is right - but it's making me appreciate the local library & the patience & skills of my friend the computer whisperer who's helping me straighten it out. what really sucks is the computer was brand new in march, i thought i'd get at least a year trouble-free, but this is major crapola

skippy haha said...

maybe tomorrow will bring some relief or maybe just more crashing/restarting
ay papi
thank u public library

kid D said...

i love the public library. i haven't been in forever. maybe teylor and i will have time to learn the dewey decimal system on maternity leave. i know it's dead, but i can still teach her.