Saturday, July 28, 2007

to do - nyc

anybody in the tri-state area this wednesday who wants to have their mind blown and their spirit completely recharged - GO TO THIS SHOW! trevor is a top-top-top notch songwriter and excellent performer. god i wish i could be there.

listen to trevor do one of the greatest love songs of all time - "Chenoa"


phil said...

The last 2 TLG shows I went to, at the Fillmore and HSMF Big Meadow, definitely made a fan of TLG and Trevor out of me! I can't wait for their SoHO show on August 14th!

skippy haha said...

phil i couldn't agree with you any more, tlg and trevor are supermen to me. they can do no wrong. that show at soho is going to be nasty! i really wish i was going to the two nights at winston's that week, they will rock that place to rubble. hearing trevor solo would be such a treat.

skippy haha said...

video webcast - yay technology!