Thursday, July 19, 2007


i saw this movie & i think it's sad & all the stories are true and i believe healthcare in the US is awful, i've seen it firsthand with a few years of crap healthnet hmo garbage group in-network of clown doctors not authorized to help or heal, i have a different policy now that i hope i never have to call upon and a newfound aversion to pharmy western medicine in general, and think at least though national healthcare would be better.

i don't know why the i is lowercase. lots of posters and signs have that - a lowercase i in the middle of a capitalized word. why.


kid D said...

"My guess is that the promotional group in charge of selling the film, perhaps Moore himself, is biting off the acronym the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America uses, PhARMA. PhARMA is the country’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies." – By Brad Brevet of

bjurk said...

I buy Brad's guess. the i also looks like a small person with no arms and legs--maybe it's symbolic!

skippy haha said...

symbolic of a quadruple amputee at the mercy of the bastard insurance companies. or the fact that people become sub-human, numbers, invisible, there is no "I" in sicko.