Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of july 1983

i still don't know what is right - carin and me at the beach or carin and i at the beach - carin and i were at the beach, but it's a picture of carin and me - right? they're both right? they're both wrong? happy 4th of july!


bjurk said...

I'm no grammarian, but I vote for "me" given the context (i.e., picture caption). I think in this context "Carin and me" is a direct object as in the sentence--"This is a picture of Carin and me at the beach"

More importantly, is that your pet monkey on the small blanket? I always wanted a pet monkey. I'm so jealous

skippy haha said...

okay that sounds right, carin and me, i'm going with it. i'm almost positive the pet monkey was my brother by the black ears and purple bathing suit.