Wednesday, January 10, 2007

not the best mexican in hillcrest


sh30 said...

Hey that reminds me of cesar's mexican food & fish & chips in Santa Barbara!


skippy haha said...

sh30 i am unable to leave comments on your site! i've tried from firefox & IE & it's probably something obvious & dumb but i can't get it.

anyway this is what i wanted to comment -
this is great phil! i love juicy reviews of local places. life's too short to eat fish & chips the color of the orioles mascot! & now we know.

i've tried commenting in the past too on other posts but can't get them to go through. sorry charlie :(.

sh30 said...

I swear that comment thing was busted so long ago without me knowing about it til today. Well it's been fixed.... Thanks for letting me know!

For now I'll eat Mexican food one day and Seafood the next. Good rule.

Kid D said...

mexican and seafood can be a fantastic combination. shrimp fajitas, shrimp enchiladas...yum, yum for my tum, tum.

skippy haha said...

right on kid d - shrimp in tacos, grilled fish tacos, ceviche, octopus, squid, gimme all that stuff