Monday, July 17, 2006

imposing fines

Help yourself
Take it all
Save me some
Screen your calls

Fall asleep
By yourself
On your side
In a ball

Spin all night
Get up tired
Try to be
Not a liar

deadlines make
time bunch up
some's for them
done with us

won't compete
come home late
last one out
lock the gate

send your love
down the line
starts with fire
ends with fines


Phil said...

So are the fines some sort of reprecussion for living? Are they self-imposed? Don't have to answer but if you do help me understand!

skippy said...

they're more like when you've resigned yourself & instead of answering "how is it going?" with 'great' or the truth, whatever it is, you just say 'fine' - everything's fine. it's all just fine. instead of being special or interesting or en fuego or something, it's just fine. blah. the person asking doesn't really care & neither do you. and then it's the price you pay for living/loving, so it's a fine in that sense of the word. self-imposed, most likely! kinda bleak, i was in a bad mood!

Phil said...

Ahhhh. I get it. Great post-festival poem. Skippy = Clever.

Sometimes when I get into that mood I'll make stuff up so I wouldn't respond with fine or alright. How are you doing Phil? A: WonderPhil! (sarcasm) A: You wouldn't believe the day I'm having!!! (insert borderline fictional story here). Other times I just leave it alone.

skippy said...

"You wouldn't believe the day i'm having" is a super answer, Phil! it's really wonderPhil. :-)