Sunday, April 02, 2006

happy birthday jim reilly

today Jim Reilly would've been 30 instead of stuck at 25. Here's an article about him from the William & Mary magazine - "Remembering a Generous Heart."

Here's a picture of Mike, Jim & Jon from the late 90's-

Here's the Circus of the Animals that Jim, Beth & i made in 10th grade.

Clarence the Party Pup was Jim's -

there's Clarence in the clouds of my ghetto fingerpainting

there's Clarence at night

one in a million, i miss him every day

April 2, 1976 - September 11, 2001

(stream xavier rudd's song "12th of September")


clarencethepartypup said...

happy birthday jim.

thanks for everything.

Aunt Joanne said...

What a well-deserved and lovely tribute to your dear friend.