Friday, July 01, 2011

squirrel tidbits

highlights of this week included:

finding this nut-eating golf-playing squirrel fake-collared sweatshirt at goodwill. he has a rhinestone eye.

going to see a week-old baby. he was probably smaller than this squirrel. the whole time i was there he was sleeping, healthy, and pink.

watching kevin compose an ode to holden on a terrible dented manual typewriter - "The Bowels of Heaven"

ALSO one of the people in the following photo will be doing 5 minutes of stand-up comedy next tuesday july 5 at the magnetic field in asheville's river arts district. (event link here.)

i consider stand up comic to be the scariest job in existence. i would rather change the light bulbs on top of bridges.

happy 4th of july! hope your bombs burst in air.


Anonymous said...

Dear Skippy,
As I started out my July 4th weekend, my bombs bursted in my pantalones. What should I do?

skippy haha said...

anonaembarrassed - reload! try, try, try again!

Anonymous said...

oh man, thanks so much! you always have such great squirrely advice. some squirrels sure did raise you right.